Research on Restroom Advertising
"Consumer attitudes toward restroom advertising were found to be very positive, with as much as 98% of those surveyed indicating a favorable reaction."- Arizona State University Study

"When restroom advertising viewers are shopping for a product or service, retention of that particular product or service advertised raises to an 85% rate."- Market Intelligence Media Research

"Retention of impressions generated by restroom advertising was found to be an average 40% stronger than impressions generated by other media. Also, the unusual and unexpected nature of restroom advertising commands focal levels of attention, thus enabling better comprehension and longer lasting impressions"- Rice University Study

"75 percent viewed restroom advertising as 'a good idea.' 78 percent of restroom visitors interviewed recalled one or more of the restroom ads. 24 percent felt more positive toward a brand after viewing the restroom advertising. Nearly 75 percent of interviewees felt that ads in restrooms are more noticeable than or equally as noticeable as ads appearing in other media."- Audits & Surveys Worldwide Study

"48 percent of visitors recall the ads they saw while in the restroom, which is three times higher compared to other clutter-filled media venues."- Dynamic Sports Marketing Research Study

Press Response to Restroom Advertising

"What a perfect place for an ad"- The Houston Chronical

"Restroom Advertising is naturally an efficient medium..."- Adweek

" studies have proven it to be effective"- The Business Journal

"Restroom ads also allow companes to target a gender with 100% accuracy". - Fortune

"Talk about a captive audience!" - The Jacksonville Business Journal

"...they've got that customer's undivided attention." - Inc

"...dead inventory space has become quite an effective advertising opportunity." - MediaPost

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