FlyTimeMedia Inc. connects airports, advertisers and service providers with the traveling public, through the intimate placement of our restroom media network. We use that network portal, to sell "audience access" to airport advertisers and service providers.

FTM's business benefits? We monetize restrooms to enhance the fortunes of airport merchants and management.

FTM's user benefits? We make the restroom trip useful and take the boredom out of captivity.

We embrace the idea of "location, location, location" to place our screens in areas where they offer maximum visibility, and make the most of travelers' time when they're held captive by Mother Nature. With early arrivals and flight delays now a way of life, FTM capitalizes on heavy traffic in men's rooms, where end-users stand looking at blank walls, and the never-ending line at the ladies room, where women spend even more time in these dull, un-engaging environments. Informal exit polls reveal that most patrons would welcome personalized screens that offer some tastefully distracting form of entertainment and information. FTM satisfies that need and monetizes the carefully crafted content, for the mutual benefit of our company and our client airports. Additional revenues will stream from advertising on the FTM website and through coupon distribution on mobile devices.

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