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Engage your audience and monetize your assets!

Our private network of digital video screens, intimately placed in airport restrooms, provides a new portal for reaching millions of upscale consumers. Our mission: to be "everywhere they're going!"

The Audience can’t “go” without it!  After every flight, the first stop, for most air travelers is the restroom!  Lining up with them, millions more travelers waiting for flights, forced by security concerns, to get to airports earlier than ever! Airports offer more shops and restaurants to help pass the time, and as travelers indulge, nature calls!... putting those millions of eyes right in front of our screens!

FlyTimeMedia helps you profit, with every flush! When those patrons “go”, FlyTimeMedia allows vendors, service providers and advertisers to “go with them!”  We’ll deliver an engaging mix of ads, sponsored content and traveler information. Our value?... “audience access”!... opening a virtually untapped area of Digital Signage - with a national domestic audience pegged by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation at over 740 million fliers per year! - an audience advertisers pay top-dollar to reach!

P.O. Box 25, Keasbey, NJ 08832    Phone: 1-800-608-1927      Fax: 1-888-608-5688      Email: